What is an Affiliate program?

The Royal Partners affiliate program is your opportunity to become a partner of fast-growing brands and receive stable earnings by attracting active players.


  • High interest rates up to 60%
  • High conversion for each casino
  • 24/7 support
  • Regular payments once a week according to the CPA model and once a month according to the Revshare model
  • Large selection of promotional materials
  • All our casinos are licensed internationally
How to become an Affiliate?

After registering with the website, you need to go to your personal account, select the offer most interesting for you, get a link and start posting.

What commission programs do you use?

Revshare is a classic commission model, where Affiliate receives a steady income at the expense of a percentage (up to 60%) of online casino profits.

Afiliate remuneration is calculated depending on the financial result of the involved players. Revshare does not require activation and is available to all partners. The interest rate is dynamic and is set at the end of closed reporting period. It directly depends on the activity of the Affiliate, namely, on the number of new active players and their first deposits performance.

CPA (Cost Per Action) is a model of advertising cooperation, where only players who perform certain actions on the website are paid. To set up a CPA program for your account, you need to contact our support team, indicate your traffic sources and the approximate volumes of traffic that you can generate.

What does lead qualification depend on?

Player qualification is an automatic event that occurs when a player fulfills the minimum conditions for CPA programs on the project within 7 days. After qualifying a player, enrollment takes place.

What geo and traffic sources are prohibited / allowed by CPA model?

We do not accept the following traffic:

  • Motivated. Any traffic motivated by casino cheating schemes.
  • Traffic from Telegram
  • Mislead (knowingly false information about the working conditions of the casino, bonuses, etc.)
  • Brand traffic (contextual advertising, SEO)
  • Traffic from any fake official pages in social networks and instant messengers, and pages that cause players to associate with official ones (using logos, official branding, appeals on behalf of the casino, etc.).

GEO: Russia.

What determines the size of the CPA bid?

When placing bets on the CPA model, the financial indicators of the involved players, their activity over a long period of time, as well as the volume of traffic are taken into account. A change in any of these indicators may result in change in the size of the bet. The methodology for analyzing indicators and their detailed composition is part of the antifraud system, and cannot be disclosed to third parties.

What is hold?

A hold is a state of crediting when during a period of N days funds are not available for payment (frozen). During this period of time, the player must receive the status of “Active Player”, and the Affiliate program is obliged to check this status and either confirm it or reject it. In addition to checking the status, during the hold the player is checked for violations of the rules of the casino and Affiliate program. The default period N is 7 calendar days.

What payment systems do you use?

We use the following payment systems:

  • WebMoney
  • Yandex money
  • QIWI
What is Postback?

Postback is a mechanism that allows Affiliate program to send conversion data to a partner’s tracker.

Instructions for work in the affiliate office.